Wine Cap

Wine cap is an incredible mushroom that you can grow wherever you have mulch beds. It'll improve the soil as it digests dead woody plant material. For this reason we grow it into the mulch we use in the potting mix of our perennials. Every plant of ours brings wine cap to your yard. And it's so easy to grow and expand. We don't have instructions just yet, but please contact us and we'll guide you to easy ways of producing more on your own.

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Planted throughout your gardens, wine cap will build soil, release minerals, kill harmful nematodes, and attract earthworms. It's been shown to be an excellent companion to corn, something we'll try this year.

We mix wine cap spawn into mulch buffers surrounding our compost piles.  And we're beginning to use it stuffed into burlap sacks, colonized on wood chips, to filter run-off through our property from a neighboring field. Wine cap has been shown to filter phosphorous and as it loves bacteria it can even eat up E. coli in field run-off.

This one has passed the time for tasty eating, but we can bury this in a new mulch area.

This one has passed the time for tasty eating, but we can bury this in a new mulch area.

Eat the tops, plant the butts.

Eat the tops, plant the butts.

Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn

Stropharia rugoso-annulata

5.5lb bag of wine cap sawdust spawn

One 5.5 bag will inoculate an approximately 20 square foot bed, but you can use this spawn to make many gallons more and plant an area as big as you can imagine! Just ask us and we'll gladly explain how. It's real simple and you can use cardboard that was heading out with the recycling (as we've learned from Edible Acres).

Mushroom spawn is produced as needed. Please contact us when ordering to be sure your spawn will arrive when needed.

Discounts available on bulk order.  Please contact us.

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