Wholesale Flower Ordering

To place wholesale orders for our flowers, please call or fill out the form below with your order. We are dedicated to providing excellent quality, fresh-from-the-field blooms for your floral shop or floral design business at competitive wholesale prices. 

Our carefully curated list of flower varieties brings you a wide range of beautiful blooms, naturally grown in healthy soils and supported by the biodiversity of our forest gardens. Availability of our cut flowers varies week by week, depending on what is at peak harvest at that time. Our fields are in production from May-October each summer with blooms for sale from mid-July until frost. We delivery twice weekly to local florists within a 30-mile radius of Auburn, NY.

Please feel free to contact us using the form below to sign up to receive our weekly wholesale price list, ask a question, request delivery or suggest varieties you’d like us to grow.


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