Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Oyster Mushroom Spawn

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Pleurotus ostreatus

Use oyster mushrooms to turn otherwise wasted logs and branches into delicious, healthy food. Oyster grows well on many soft hardwoods, like box elder, soft maple, cottonwood, and willow. When a large branch falls in your yard, instead of placing it at the curbside, turn it into food!

This strain of oyster mushroom can fruit multiple times throughout the growing season.  We use it on red maple logs to create "totems".  The mushrooms are white to ocher colored.

Sawdust spawn can be used to make totems or packed into drilled holes in logs. A 5.5lb bag will inoculate about four totems, or approximately 25 three foot long logs (at about 4" diameter). Totems are the easiest and thus our preferred method.

Plug spawn is an easy way to inoculate smaller diameter logs. Drill 5/16" holes 1" deep and tap these plugs in. Seal them in with wax and you've just turned that branch into a future buffet. 100 plugs will inoculate two 3' long logs (at about 4" diameter).

Check back soon for instructions and in the meantime please contact us for guidance.

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